Replacement Cane Back for Kennedy Rocker

Replacement Cane Back for Kennedy Rocker


Note: Cane back is currently not available; we are anticipating a summer 2023 availability.  If you would like to be on a wait list, please email your information along with the age of your chair.  We have two sizes of backs and seats; one for older chairs and one for newer.  Measuring the back of the seat helps determine age.  If you need assistance call us!! (704) 872-7625

Your Kennedy Rocker's woven cane back should last for the life of your rocker, but if something happens to it a replacement back is available. Replacement requires the chair to be taken apart and put back together, something that probably will require the help of a professional furniture repairer or woodworker. Nails, not glue is used to assemble the chair so it should come apart, however, depending on the age and condition of the chair unforeseen problems could develop. We can supply the back but cannot guarantee the results of the repair. Replacement back consists of curved top and bottom back rails with cane. Available unfinished only, you will have to apply the finish you require.

Before Ordering Please Read

In order to replace the cane back, you must take the chair apart and put back together, something that probably will require the help of a professional furniture repair shop or woodworker with experience and the proper tools. Nails, not glue are used to assemble the chair. Depending on the age and condition of the chair unforeseen problems could develop. We can supply the back but cannot guarantee the results of the repair. The replacement back consists of the curved top and bottom back rails with the cane attached.

Here are some tips for replacing the back of your Kennedy rocker: The chair has two small nails in each side of the rail which is put in through the back of the posts so you will not be able to pull the chair apart without breaking or splintering the posts. You will need to saw through the old back rails keeping the saw as close as possible to the posts on each side. There will be some wood from the rails left in the mortise-ad-tenon joint after sawing the back out that you will need to remove very carefully and patiently with pliers and a wood chisel until you clean out the hole. You also need to remove the old nails somehow by gently trying to pull them out through the hole, maybe by wiggling them back and forth, or bending them out of the way, or cutting or grinding them out with a little drill bit or saw. Once you get all four joints cleaned out you can put in the new back by placing the rocker on its side and tapping the rails in gently on both sides. Finally, you will need eight small finishing nails about an inch or inch-and-a-quarter long to nail in from the back of the posts into the rails in the same way the old ones were. The nails are what hold the chair together. After all of this, you will probably have to refinish the chair too.

The last piece of advice is: try removing the back first to see if you can do it successfully before actually ordering any replacement backs. And you may want to call us for current inventory status before taking your rocker apart.

If, after trying to replace the back you find that it just isn't working out as planned remember we have plenty of new rockers in stock with all new and improved finishes and new colors too! Or maybe you just need a cushion set to help hide the frayed cane! We sell Sunbrella and dozens of other custom cushions made just for this rocker.

Comes with suggestions for applying the finish. You can also download the finishing suggestions here.


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