The OfficialKennedy Rocker

While traveling through North Carolina in 1955, Dr. Janet Travell purchased a Carolina Rocker® from P&P Chair Company. She was drawn to the comfort and support the chair offered with a cane seat and steam-bent back posts. She would later prescribe this chair to one of her most famous patients as way to relieve chronic back – President John F. Kennedy Jr. Astonished by the relief, President Kennedy was known to have a Carolina Rocker in every room, including the Oval Office and even on Air Force One. Everyone inquired about the “Kennedy Rocker” which was featured by LIFE, Time and Newsweek.

The famous rocker came to be renamed The Kennedy Rocker. In 2008, Troutman Chair Company purchased the rights to continue the tradition of this legendary, handcrafted piece of healthful furniture.

A Perfectly Engineered Rocker

  • Cane seat and back offers firmness yet natural spring.
  • Low seat keeps your feet on the floor while rocking – relieving pressure on your spine.
  • Perfect depth of seat that won’t cut into the back of your legs.
  • Wide arm rests, set low for comfortable elbow support.
  • Flatter runner arc promotes a gentle contraction and relaxation of the back muscles – especially beneficial for those with back problems.