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Replacement Cane Seat for Kennedy Rockers

Replacement Cane Seat for Kennedy Rockers

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Your Kennedy rocker's woven cane seat should last for many years of use but should something happen to it, don't worry, it can be replaced. We have replacement cane seats available for your Kennedy Rocker (Model 1000) or Carolina Slat Rocker with Cane Seat (Model 950, which is now discontinued). To remove your rocker seat you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove and replace the six screws that fasten the seat to the rocker. Please read our How-To instructions, and what to do if you have a very old rocker.

P & P Chair Company - Carolina Rocker logo
Genuine P & P Chair Company products like the Kennedy Presidential Rockers and Carolina Porch Rockers feature a Carolina Rocker marking under the arm of the rocker. If you see this mark you have the real thing! This includes Kennedy rockers sold in the past by L.L.Bean.


Kennedy Rocker Replacement Cane Seat Dimensions

Click here to print the dimensions: Replacement Cane Seat Dimensions (pdf)

*These seats are for the Model 950 and 1000 rockers only. If you have an older rocker with a cane seat manufactured by P & P Chair Company before 1960 it's possible you have another style of rocker like the smaller Model 800 which was discontinued many years ago. Our seats will not fit these smaller rockers so be sure to measure your seat and compare it to the dimensions given.

How to finish: Replacement cane seats are only available unfinished and you will need to apply the finish you require. A one-step stain and finish for interior wood will provide color and a protective polyurethane coating. Minwax or similar product in a small can or spray can be purchased in any hardware store. You may want to remove the old seat and take it with you for matching, then apply a small bit of the new color on the bottom of the new seat to make sure it looks as expected. Comes with suggestions for applying the finish. You can also download the finishing suggestions here. (pdf)

How to remove and replace the seat: To remove your rocker seat you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove and replace the six screws that fasten the seat to the rocker. You'll have to angle the seat and do a bit of manipulating to get the seat in and out.

If your rocker was manufactured before the mid-to-late 1970's your rocker seat may have been attached to the rocker with nails. If you do not see any screws then you may have an older type of seat. In this case turn the rocker upside down and rest the arms on something sturdy. Hammer gently around the edges of the seat rails, the seat should come off without too much trouble. Since you won't have predrilled holes for the screws that hold the replacement seat on you have a couple options:

  • Drill holes in the seat rails, you probably wouldn't need the six screws that the factory uses, one in the front and one in the back should be sufficient.
  • The seat fits on fairly securely and even if you didn't attach it at all it probably wouldn't come off unless you turned the rocker upside down.


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